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Get schwifty and snag this Rick and Morty-themed pocket synth before it’s gone

Fans of popular animated TV series Rick and Morty have yet another reason to get excited ahead of the show’s fourth season this November.

That’s because today, acclaimed handheld synthesizer manufacturer Teenage Engineering announced a special new partnership with Rick and Morty co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, a new special edition synth called the PO-137.

The new synth is part of the company’s Pocket Operator lineup, tiny calculator-like devices that come with onboard drum machines, a vocal synthesizer, and a built-in microphone. Apart from various show-inspired sounds, the PO-137 will include eight different Rick and Morty characters performed by Roiland, giving music makers a wide assortment of cool new tones to play with.

The PO-137, like all of the company’s Pocket Operator devices, will feature a built-in LCD display, a small folding stand for ergonomic setup, 120 seconds of sample memory for storing microphone-recorded sounds, and a built-in alarm clock — because why not?

You probably won’t have to pay much to get your hands on this new handheld synth: Current models of the Pocker Operator will run you between $49 and $89, and it seems unlikely even this special edition version will cost much more than that. After all, these are very simple devices.

Interested in snagging a PO-137? Set your calendars and keep hitting refresh. The new synth will hit Teenage Engineering’s online store in July and will ship to consumers in November — hopefully just in time for the much anticipated new season.

Until then, those who are looking to make rad Rick and Morty inspired jams will have to do what they’ve always done: Chop up bits and bobs from the show itself.

Once the synth is out, we look forward to hearing the awesome lo-fi electronica that fans of the show come up with. Who knows, if someone makes a track that’s good enough, maybe Harman and Roiland would feature it in the show, much in the same way The Simpsons recently featured a song by Simpsons-inspired hardcore band Okilly Dokilly in the end credits of an episode.

Dare to dream, Rick and Morty fans. Soon, the power of the animated universe can be yours.

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