The Dark Knight Rises reveals the first look at Bane

the dark knight rises reveals first look at baneChristopher Nolan is no stranger to viral marketing campaigns. When The Dark Knight was still a twinkle in Warner Bros. eye, the memorable “why so serious” campaign exploded across the internet at insane speeds, heralding the arrival of the Joker. It appears that the sequel is taking the same path.

After launching the new website for the movie at, fans were treated to a blank page featuring an audio file of people chanting. Community members on quickly ran the audio clip through filters and found that it creates an audio spectrum that reads “#TheFireRises”.

The “#” signifies a twitter account, and sure enough,, was waiting for people. Once there, the account offered hints to help fans uncover a hidden image on the official website.

If you like, you can still go through the steps, decode the audio, decipher the hints on the twitter page and get the image. Or you can just look at it above and check out Tom Hardy as Bane.

the dark knight rises reveals first look at bane thefirerises