The first Cowboys & Aliens trailer debuts

Even though the summer movies of 2011 won’t come out until, well, summer of 2011 obviously, now is the time of year when films begin to slowly feed the hype machines in order to generate some early buzz by releasing trailers. Green Lantern just released the first official trailer, and not to be outdone, Jon Favreau (Iron Man 1&2, Zathura), Universal and Dreamworks have dropped the trailer for one of their summer 2011 blockbuster, Cowboys & Aliens.

Starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, the film takes place in the Arizona Territory during 1873. A stranger named Jake Lonergan (Craig) wakes up in the desert with no memory of his life before that moment, while wearing a strange shackle on his wrist. Lonergan makes his way into the unwelcoming and isolated town of Absolution, a place ruled with an iron hand by Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford). The people of Absolution do not like or want Lonergran there, but soon bigger problems arrive in the form of a aliens that begin to abduct people.

With the help of the traveler Ella (Tron Legacy‘s Olivia Wilde), Lonergan slowly begins to remember his past, and discovers that he knows a way to stop the ETs—assuming he can unite the various factions of the area to stand with him.

Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley, the film also stars Sam Rockwell and Clancy Brown. It is due in theaters on July 29, 2011.

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