Warcraft movie arsenal is on display at Comic-Con

warcraft movie arsenal display comic con logo

Azeroth-obsessed attendees at San Diego Comic-Con are getting a special treat: a display of props from Legendary Pictures’ upcoming Warcraft film.

warcraft comic con

On the left is the Doomhammer, a legendary weapon passed down through the leaders of the orcish Horde. On the right are a Dragon Sword (partially obscured) and Lion Shield, classic weapons of the human Alliance knights.

The film, helmed by Moon director Duncan Jones, will follow the origin of the conflict between humans and orcs. The main orc character, Durotan, was friends with Orgrim Doomhammer, who wielded the eponymous weapon before eventually passing it onto Durotan’s son, Thrall, one of the protagonists of Warcraft III and a prominent figure in World of Warcraft.

Legendary also revealed a new logo for the film at Comic-Con, pictured above. The chunky yellow of the traditional Warcraft typeface has been replace with slimmer, metallic letters that are more similar to the StarCraft logo. The scorched black along the top half of the letters could demonstrate the story’s divided attention between two factions, or perhaps it hints at the encroaching demonic influence that seeps into the Horde during Durotan’s time.

Although principle filming is apparently complete, there is a huge amount of CGI work to be done, and so Warcraft is currently set to hit theaters on March 11, 2016.

(images courtesy of Legendary Pictures)