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When to watch The Great British Baking Show

If you love reality show cooking competitions, then this is a special time of the year. That’s because the arrival of fall means the return of The Great British Baking Show, and we’re going to tell you when and where you can watch it!

The Great British Baking Show is actually better known internationally as The Great British Bake Off. It turns out that Bake Off is copyrighted in the U.S. by Pillsbury, hence the name change over here. Fans in America can stream the series on Netflix, and it has consistently been one of the best British TV shows on the platform.

There’s a simple premise behind the ongoing popularity of this show. Each season, amateur bakers go head-to-head in order to show off their skills and demonstrate their culinary mastery to celebrity judges. The Great British Bake Off premiered in 2010, and it is about to enter its 14th season later this month. This season, Alison Hammond is taking over from Matt Lucas as the new co-host with Noel Fielding. And of course, there’s a brand new set of bakers who are ready to prove themselves to the world.

Now, it’s time to answer the burning question of when you can watch The Great British Baking Show. And if you know your way around the kitchen, you may want to recreate some of this season’s dishes for yourself.

When can we watch new episodes of The Great British Baking Show?

The cast of The Great British Baking Show season 14.
Netflix/Channel 4

The season premiere is now streaming on Netflix. You can now meet a whole new set of bakers and marvel at all their delicious dishes.

How many episodes will there be this season?

The hosts of The Great British Baking Show stand around a table with desserts.
Netflix/Channel 4

It’s a 10-week competition, so there will be the same number of episodes released weekly. In the U.K., the finale will arrive on November 28. And assuming that Netflix maintains a weekly schedule of its own, then the season finale will have its streaming premiere on December 1.

Beyond that, it may be another year before a full season of The Great British Baking Show arrives. But the previous seasons remain on Netflix for your streaming enjoyment.

Watch The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. New episodes begin streaming on September 29.

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