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Apple’s cloud-based iTunes gets record labels’ blessing


Google may be interested in partnering with established streaming service Spotify, but Apple may have just one-upped any progress it was making with its cloud-based music application. CNET is reporting that Apple has officially signed an agreement with Warner Music Group, giving its coming product rights to the label’s entire music library.

And so the race heats up. Google Music has allegedly been held back only by exactly what has gone in Apple’s favor: Reaching an agreement with record labels. Apparently Google has been unable to come to a deal concerning licensing with these higher ups, and it’s majorly stalling a product launch. Meanwhile, All Things Digital claims that Apple is very close to inking deals with other major players in the music business, giving it a massive leg up on the competition.

This competition, of course, also includes Amazon. Amazon beat both Google and Apple in the race to the cloud, debuting its Cloud Drive Player nearly a month ago. Despite getting there first, the music storage and delivery service has been subject to mixed reviews, and its cloud servers have had some notable trouble handling user demand lately. There were also questions over the legality of the actual music it was offering up thus restricting the music it can actually offer. So if Apple can secure agreements with major record labels and provide more stable delivery and storage, it will easily take the lead.

Regardless of your personal feelings about any of these companies, this should all be great news for consumers. Three major digital players are competing for your money, and all are trying to best the other with improved UIs, larger music collections, and more capable, convenient ways to access and store your own libraries. Now we’re just ready to see (and compare) them.

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