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Room for two? Braven’s new Mira speaker wants to hop in the shower with you

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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a “shower speaker” pop up on the open market, let alone one we were even marginally excited about. But then again, we’ve never seen one from the Bluetooth hotshots at Braven – until now. Say hello to the Mira, a new portable speaker that has the goods to rock out with you during your daily scrub, and a good deal more.

Introduced as a speaker for the “kitchen, boat, shower, pool or jacuzzi,” this sleek disc of sound is IP5 water-resistant rated, uber-portable, and armed with a unique little hook/arm that secures the speaker to your shower head, and also transforms into a kickstand to prop the speaker up on your desk or countertop.

The Mira’s on board controls allow you to keep your phone at bay for any sonic water adventures, and its 10 hour runtime allows for plenty of playback before you need to track down a power source. Other features include a built-in speakerphone system with noise-cancellation – for all those shower phone calls you’ve been missing – as well as a 3.5mm Aux input. The speaker is currently available in black or silver, with other colors like pink and light blue to follow.

The folks at Braven also promise the Mira has the ability to perform the proverbial talent of “filling a room with sound” – though at its size, we’re not sure how big a room it could actually fill. That said, almost every speaker we’ve encountered from Braven has had bigger and cleaner sound than what we expected from its size, so the Mira may impress. And besides, doesn’t everything sound better in the shower?

At $100, it’s no budget buy, but it’s still inline with a host of entry-level portables on the market – most of which aren’t waterproof. We’ll likely be pulling a Mira in soon for review, but if you’re already interested, you can grab one from Braven’s website now.

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