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Garth Brooks’ entire discography is coming to Amazon Music Unlimited

Garth Brooks' entire discography is coming to Amazon Music Unlimited

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It’s Man Against Machine no longer — more or less. Garth Brooks’ years of resisting streaming services ended after the country music legend reached an exclusive deal with Amazon Music in October and the partnership is only getting better.

The deal in October revealed that selected works from the singer would be available to the online retail giant’s customers for streaming, purchase, and digital download. The two have taken it even further: His entire 16-album catalog will be available to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers starting at 12:00 a.m. (ET) on December 24.

The original announcement coincided with the launch of the company’s new on-demand streaming service, making it seem that Amazon hoped Brooks’ work could be the push music fans needed to try Amazon Music Unlimited. In an announcement on Wednesday, the company indicated that the musician has been as popular as expected; since its launch, he has been one of the service’s top streamed artists.

Initially, subscribers could only stream Brooks’ new single, Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance, from Gunslinger, as well as some of his most popular albums. The selection included The Ultimate Hits and Double Live. Christmas Together, his and wife Trisha Yearwood’s holiday album, was also set to be added.

Brooks and Yearwood opened up about the decision to team up with Amazon Music in a video he tweeted in October and, apparently, fans have Yearwood’s Amazon shopping habit to thank for the partnership.  “We’re doing the streaming deal to get even, if you know what I mean,” Brooks said.

Why @AmazonMusic?? Here's why!!! love, g & @TrishaYearwood #GARTHonAMAZON

— Garth Brooks (@garthbrooks) October 19, 2016

The deal does seem like a good way to do that. Not only do both of the country stars have music available to stream, Amazon also sells Yearwood’s cookware and cookbooks.

“It is a joy to work with a company that is all about the customer when it comes to service, and all about the music and its creators when it comes to the music,” Brooks said in a statement. “I applaud Amazon on their commitment to quality and thank them for this opportunity.”

Article originally published on 10-20-2016. Updated by Stephanie Topacio Long on 12-21-2016 with news that Amazon Music Unlimited’s Brooks selection will now include his entire catalog.

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