Tot-proof your playlists and stream safely with Rhapsody Kids

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Let’s be real: kids have terrible taste. It’s not their fault; they haven’t been around long enough to refine their palette. But you still don’t want their listening habits leaking into your favorites. Luckily, Rhapsody is now putting up a wall between the playlists of parents and their children with Rhapsody Kids.

The new feature will have kid-approved music set aside for the enjoyment of younger ears. Rhapsody Kids will feature over 1.2 millions tracks, collected from 80,000 albums and 16,000 kid-friendly artists. Songs from the Kidz Bop collection and Walt Disney Records will be in heavy rotation.

Of course, since every parent has a different take on what is acceptable, they will be able to add or remove songs as they see fit. If you want to start easing your kids into something other than the Frozen soundtrack, you’ll be able to introduce some of your favorites that are fit for their ears.

While the kid’s section will offer some curated playlists from the Rhapsody editorial staff, it will avoid counting on computer algorithms to create any content. This will avoid any potential issues with songs that haven’t been vetted sneaking in.

Outside of just the content, Rhapsody Kids has set up a child-specific listening experience for when the phone lands in their hands. The kids mode will be set to have the songs repeat by default. The interface is also spruced up with some bright colors and cartoony imagery. To keep kids locked in behind the walled garden, a logic problem that they will have difficulty solving keeps them away from the full selection of Rhapsody’s library.

Rhapsody Kids will be available as a part of the streaming service’s Rhapsody Premier, Premier +1, and Family accounts. Pricing starts at $9.99 a month.

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