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Check out Spotify’s all-black redesign, which adds a ‘Your Music’ section

Spotify just introduced a new feature that makes rummaging through its 20 million tracks less of a chore. The streaming service’s new “Your Music” feature makes the process of storing and sharing whole albums and songs a lot less complicated.

The previous version of this feature, called “Collections,” had its shortcomings. It prohibited users from saving full albums into their libraries, making it necessary to create a new playlist for each album. This is fine if you only have 10 album playlists, but if you have hundreds, scrolling through everything can take a while. Playlists are still part of Spotify’s service, allowing users to save whole albums makes the whole process more efficient. If you’re not into micromanaging your content, Spotify also has tons of curated lists. Our favorite lists were titled “Intense Studying” and “Sexual Healing.”

Aside from the new feature, Spotify also introduced a new darker design. The redesign, which took six months to complete, features black backgrounds to highlight album artwork.

“We want to make sure Spotify users enjoy the best-looking experience of any music service – one that’s easy to use and consistent across all devices … Our new design respects what’s most important: the music. And with Your Music, saving your favourite music just became truly effortless,” said Michelle Kadir, Spotify’s Director of Product.

The update has rolled out to the service’s desktop and iPhone apps. An Android redesign is still in the works. 

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