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Hear the latest from artists you love, those you might like with new Spotify feature

Release Radar
For true music lovers, the quest for new content to listen to is a never-ending one. Fortunately, Spotify is doing what it can to make that easier – first with its Discover Weekly playlists, and now with its newest feature.

Spotify announced its latest addition, dubbed Release Radar, in a blog post on Friday. As the name implies, the goal of this new weekly playlist is to help listeners keep track of new music from their favorite artists, but it can also help them keep their finger on the pulse of music with new releases from artists they may not have heard before.

“With the huge amount of new music released every week, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest tracks,” says Matt Ogle, senior product owner at Spotify. “With Release Radar, we wanted to create the simplest way for you to find all the newly released music that matters the most to you, in one playlist.”

Release Radar updates every Friday, and offers a playlist of up to two hours in length full of music from artists whose music you’ve played before. Taking a hint from its Discover Weekly playlists, artists who you haven’t listened to but might want to give a shot are included as well. Like Discover Weekly, the more music you listen to, the better Release Radar will get at offering you music tailored to your tastes.

When we gave it a shot, Release Radar offered music released as recently as this week and as far back as early July. The list totaled 20 songs, and while a few familiar artists did indeed make an appearance, the bulk of music came from artists that we hadn’t listened to before, making the new playlist function as a welcome supplement to Discover Weekly.

Release Radar is live as of Friday and can be found in the Discover section of the Spotify app under New Music for You.

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