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Tidal now plays nice with Amazon Fire TV as well as Android Auto

Keeping yourself entertained just got a whole lot easier. Tidal has now launched its new app for Android Auto, as well as for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Tidal members are now privy to a custom Fire TV interface that is optimized for large screen devices, while folks with Android Auto compatible vehicles can check out their favorite music platform while they’re on the road.

If you navigate your way over to the “Home” screen on your Fire TV, you’ll find the latest content from the platform, including curated video playlists as well as concerts, livestreams, music videos, albums, podcasts, and more. Then there’s the new “My Collection” screen, which as its name suggests, can be personalized with your own favorite content. There’s also an optimized search function that allows users to leverage Tidal’s catalogue of more than 50 million tracks, or alternatively, watch original content on the streaming service.

There are both live and on-demand concerts to be seen, music videos, and more in HD quality available through both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Simply download the app via the Fire TV “Apps” section, or find it using your TV’s search tool.

As for the new Android Auto functionality (which is compatible with more than 400 different car models), drivers with Android 5.0 and higher can access Tidal while operating their cars. All you need is a USB cable. This integration, the company says, will allow members to stream their favorite music, podcasts, and other content straight from their car dashboard. Access to the “My Collection” section is quite straightforward with this interface, and features downloaded content, favorited playlists, albums, tracks, artists and more. If you’re looking to find something new for your road trip, you can check out the “Explore” section to find new and top albums, podcasts, and carefully curated playlists based on genres.

While Tidal has only just joined Fire TV and Android Auto, the service boasts integrations with a wide range of other platforms, including Apple TV and Android TV, Apple CarPlay, as well as direct control capabilities through Sonos. So if you’re looking to get your music on, Tidal is here to make things just a little bit easier.

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