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Unspeakable talks YouTube and tech at CES 2021

YouTuber Unspeakable has turned his hobby of Minecraft into a veritable empire, with over 65 million views per month. Andre Stone and Ariana Escalante spoke with him from the Digital Trends CES Experience Center as part of our ongoing coverage of CES 2021.

Unspeakable is more than just Minecraft — for instance, recently he found himself doing a video about staying in a hotel room that costs over a quarter-million dollars. Where do those ideas come from? “A lot of those ideas float naturally through my brain,” he says. Many of his ideas stem from when he was a child. “I would build a Lego house [as a kid],” he says. “But now I’m a YouTuber and anything is possible, so I built a real, life-sized Lego house. I’m taking all the things I wanted to do as a child and blowing them into massive proportion.” And what can you do to beat that? “We have a list that is literally seven pages long,” he says. “Some of them as ridiculous as me buying a submarine and staying in it for 24 hours.”

Speaking about his own favorite tech, Unspeakable says the technology he can’t live without is his iPhone. “It’s with me all day…I use it to take notes…literally my phone is everything!”

As for his channel, he’s beyond using a smartphone to film his content. “We film almost all our videos on high-end cameras,” he says. “We use the new Sony cameras that just came out. We used a Canon when we first started, but I’ve fallen in love [with the Sony].”

Unspeakable then gives his vote for what will be the biggest video game of 2021. “It’s kind of hard to call,” he says. “But I feel like it’s going to be somewhere in the virtual reality space. That industry is growing so rapidly. We’re starting to see virtual reality stations in bowling alleys and public spaces. I think the future is in virtual reality.”

Personally, Unspeakable is interested in electric vehicles. “I’m really excited to see what all these big brands like Ford and Honda are coming out with. I’d also love to see more voice recognition software. I think the future is, ‘Alexa, make me a sandwich. Alexa, do this or do that. I think we’re going to see that integrated into homes much more than what we have now.”

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