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DJI’s newest drone appears in unboxing video before official launch


It’s been clear for a while that DJI is working on its first-ever racing drone.

Leaked pictures of the FPV (first-person view) drone appeared online in December 2020, and now an unboxing video (above) has landed, too.

It shows the “combo” version of DJI’s FPV drone, which besides the quadcopter itself, FPV googles, and a controller, also comes with extra sets of propellers, batteries, and other accessories.

DJI’s debut racing drone certainly sports a chunkier body than its other consumer offerings aimed more at photography and video enthusiasts. Besides the gimbal-mounted camera at the front, we also see sensors on the front and underside of the drone, likely for obstacle avoidance when the machine isn’t racing.

The FPV goggles look solid and robust, and come with a soft inner lining to keep the device comfortable against the face. The controller, meanwhile, features a gamepad-like design that feels more ergonomic than DJI’s other FPV controller, according to the person performing the unboxing video.

The 10-minute presentation also takes a look at everything else in the box, including a bright green shell for the drone should you want to make it more visible in the air.

There’s no word on precise specs, though earlier leaks suggest DJI’s FPV drone will feature 4K/60 frames-per-second video recording, three distinct flight modes, and a top speed of 150 kph (93 mph).

The unboxing video first appeared on the Dominion Drones channel before being rapidly removed. However, some quick-thinking drone fans managed to download the video before reposting it to YouTube.

Many drone racing aficionados like to build their own machines using off-the-shelf components, so it seems unlikely they’ll be rushing to buy DJI’s offering. But the drone could prove tempting for DJI fans who already have experience with the company’s current crop of drones and therefore may like the idea of developing new flying skills (i.e., racing at high speed).

Pricing and a release date aren’t known at the current time, but the expectation is that DJI’s latest drone will probably hit the market in March.

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