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Big Buddy Bike claims to be the first electric balance bike built for adults

As the market for ebikes continues to mature, we are starting to see a host of interesting new models hit the market. Case in point, on Wednesday, February 14, the Big Buddy Bike went live on Kickstarter, delivering what it claims is the first electric balance bike built specifically for adults. Like other ebikes, it has an electric drive and a battery pack, but unlike those other models, it completely lacks pedals.

Traditionally, a balance bike is built for kids who are just learning to ride, allowing them to develop coordination and steering before graduating to a more traditional pedal bike. Most balance bikes aren’t equipped with either pedals or a drive system of any kind, requiring the rider to propel themselves along using only their feet. The Big Buddy Bike follows that design closely, although it includes an electric drive to provide propulsion instead.

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The bike features a 500-watt motor that features a range of up to 30 miles and a top speed of 16 mph. The drive system offers five different speeds to choose from while an LCD screen mounted on the handlebars allows the rider to keep track of current battery levels. That same display also monitors speed, distance traveled, current temperature, and time as well.

Big Buddy - New legend on the road

In addition to being an adult-sized balance bike, the Big Buddy also has a distinctive look. Its wooden frame can be adorned with custom graphics of the rider’s choosing, ensuring that no two bikes are exactly alike. It also comes equipped with a seat large enough for two and it includes a hidden storage compartment for commuters to store their gear.

The designers behind the Big Buddy Bike didn’t skimp on the tech, either. In addition to its electric drive system and LCD screen, it also has a built-in LED light for those nighttime commutes and thorn-resistant tires to avoid accidental flats. It even includes Chipolo technology that allows owners to track the location of their bike using an app for iOS and Android.

The Big Buddy is available through its Kickstarter page for $3,467. As always, contributors are encouraged to be aware of the risks of backing any crowdfunding campaign before pledging their support.

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