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Keep up your appearance on the mountain with new gear from Bigtruck, Giro

Helmets and goggles are an important way to keep people safe while skiing or snowboarding. However, when is the last time you wore them because of how cool they looked? That is why Bigtruck and Giro have teamed up to combine aesthetics and function.

Today, the two companies have announced their partnership in creating the limited-edition Capsule Collection. By combining the style of Bigtruck headwear and the quality of Giro’s progressive head protection and optics, the two have made something great.

The Ledge MIPS helmet starts the collection off in a surprisingly technical way. This isn’t your average headgear. The patented MIPS impact protection allows the helmet to slide relative to the head. Basically, a low-friction inner layer stays stationary on your head. During an angled impact, the protective outer layer can slide to reduce the rotational violence to the brain.

Giro’s Vivid lenses ensure that the limited-edition goggles are up to snuff as well. In partnership with Zeiss Optics, these lenses enhance contrast and reduce eye strain by manipulating the blue light bouncing off the snow. Previous lenses were built around the idea that blue light was bad light. Since snow is actually blue and not white, that light is actually fundamental in our ability to process varying terrain and snow. These new Vivid lenses let in the blue light while blocking UV light.

By providing a clean, matte surface, the helmet shell and goggle straps offer ample space for Bigtruck designers to take advantage of. From prints of Icelandic snowscapes to Costa Rica sunsets, each piece will contain elements that mimic the designs of Bigtruck’s signature hat line.

“Giro is one of those rare brands whose bold, clean aesthetic is already a hallmark of Bigtruck design,” says Bigtruck founder Galen Gifford. “We’re extremely proud to bring our passion to such a like-minded brand, and see our ‘fun-first’ mentality expressed with Giro Snow’s cutting-edge innovations.”

The Capsule Collection is expected to release in August 2017 from select retailers or directly from their websites sometime this fall.

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