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New ThermoNet fabrics make the versatile Buff even better

Sometimes the simplest ideas can lead to the most useful products. Such is the case with the Buff, a versatile piece of equipment that has become a nearly essential piece of gear in the outdoor world. These tube-shaped pieces of cloth can be worn as bandannas, neckerchiefs, balaclavas, face masks, and more. They’ve proven themselves so handy in fact that many trail runners, skiers, hikers, and adventure travelers never leave home without one.

The original Buff has evolved greatly over the years, with new fabrics, and countless designs being added to the lineup. But in 2017, this humble product may gets its biggest update yet in the form of a new material called ThermoNet. To create this fabric, Buff sourced high-performance yarn from PrimaLoft, a company that specializes in making synthetic fabrics and insulation for use in outdoor gear.

Next, the designers at Buff applied their years of experience at knitting unique materials for use into their own products, and created a new fabric that is unlike any other. In fact, the company claims that ThermoNet provides both a high level of insulation and nearly unmatched breathability, making it perfect for use during highly aerobic activities in cold weather conditions.

Just how good is ThermoNet? Buff claims that it offers four time the performance of other insulating fabrics that it has used in the past. On top of that, PrimaLoft’s materials are also extremely efficient at wicking moisture away from the body, preventing sweat from soaking into the material, and avoiding potentially dangerous situations when used outside during the winter. And in keeping with the eco-friendly theme that has been sweeping the outdoor industry in recent years, ThermoNet is also made from 70-percent recycled materials.

Here at Digital Trends we’ve had a chance to test a pre-production version of a Buff made from ThermoNet fabrics, and it did not disappoint. One of the more common uses for the versatile headwear during the winter months is to pull it up around your face to help keep you warm and protect your skin from the wind. But in the past if you engaged in any kind of aerobic exercise that left you breathing hard while your mouth was covered, moisture from the air expelled from your lungs would collect on the fabric, and quickly freeze in place.

ThermoNet eliminates that issue altogether. The fabric’s extreme breathability, and quick-drying properties, result in no moisture collection at all. This will definitely come as welcome news for winter outdoor athletes.

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we’ll be able to order Buffs made from ThermoNet. The new product line is expected to ship in fall 2017 and will be available in hats and multifunctional headwear for $27, and balaclavas for $37.

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