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The limited-edition Mudmaster watch is ideal for backcountry ski expeditions

The gear you take into the winter backcountry must not only be rugged, it needs to be extremely weather resistant. Backcountry skiing involves taking on a myriad of conditions, including sloshing through mud, navigating fierce snowstorms, and traversing streams, lakes, and glaciers. Wearing a reliable watch can provide for undeniable utility, extending beyond telling the time to navigating routes. Casio G-Shock has teamed up with lifestyle snowboard company Burton to introduce the Mudmaster, a limited edition timepiece perfect for backcountry ski trips.

The two brands first partnered in 2013 in honor of Casio G-Shock’s 30th anniversary. Now, with Casio G-Shock celebrating its 35th anniversary and the upcoming Burton U.S. snowboarding championships, they’re introducing their third collaboration. Casio’s G-Shock is the epitome of durability, and is touted as “the watch that never breaks.” Burton is committed to the outdoors and product quality, serving as one of the most recognized brands in snowboarding on a global scale.

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The Mudmaster is part of Casio G-Shock’s Master of G line, featuring undeniable technical utility in addition to an attractive design. The watch includes the G-Shock’s twin sensor technology highlighting a digital compass and thermometer — two essential tools for plowing through the backcountry. Being able to easily discern direction and note temperature are critical for route planning and navigation, and can even provide for measures of avalanche awareness.

The product’s unique design makes it extremely mud and debris resistant — serving as the perfect companion on the mountain slopes. This model is equipped with standard G-Shock shock resistance technology, 200M water resistance, an auto LED super illuminator light, world time (with 31 time zones in 48 Cities + UTC), four daily alarms and one snooze alarm, a 1/100th second stopwatch, and a countdown timer. In addition, 12/24 hour formats are included — all in a 55.3mm case.

The Mudmaster features an attractive design highlighted by a camouflage pattern and complemented by a classic utilitarian look, duck camo, and orange accents. Burton’s mantra “no bad trips” is engraved on the back.

“G-Shock has been a great partner of Burton for years and we were honored to create a watch to celebrate their 35th anniversary,” stated Greg Dacyshyn, creative director at large for Burton, in a press release. “Working with them is always a fun and dynamic process because they give us a lot of artistic freedom. The end result is a very cool watch that strikes that balance for both outdoor and urban adventures.”

The Mudmaster retails for $380 and can be purchased through G-Shock retailers in addition to Burton flagship stores.


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