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Glorious luxury G-Shock watch pays homage to Bruce Lee with iconic color scheme

Casio always strikes up exciting collaborations for its G-Shock watches, but few will be as in-demand as its latest, ultra-limited run watch, provided you can stomach the price. The G-Shock MR-G x Bruce Lee MRG-G2000BL is the stunning result of Casio’s new partnership with Bruce Lee Enterprises. Only 300 of these fabulous looking watches will be made, and the cost to you will be $4,000, or 3,600 British pounds. Ouch.

For those who aren’t familiar with G-Shock’s range of watches, the MR-G models make up its luxury line, and the MRG-G2000BL’s price represents the middle ground of what’s available. While the materials used in its construction elevate the price, it’s the astonishing attention to detail and usually hand-crafted details that make the entire MR-G range so desirable. The G-Shock x Bruce Lee collaboration is no exception.

For a start, the black and yellow color scheme on the case and the strap is immediately linked with Bruce Lee’s iconic tracksuit from the movie Game of Death. But look closer, and the yellow and red features prominently on the watch face, two colors which make up the emblem of Jeet Kune Do, Lee’s own martial art. At the 3 o’clock position is Lee’s signature using the Chinese character for Dragon, his nickname. Around the bezel it further references Jeet Kune Do in the engraving in Chinese characters, “Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.” This is repeated on the case back.

Like all MR-G series watches, the MRG-G2000BL is made from specially hardened, polished titanium with a stainless steel framework inside to give it massive structural strength and shock resistance. Sapphire crystal covers the dial to keep it free from scratches. The case is shielded from magnetic fields to maintain accurate time, a screw-down crown to keep it watertight to 200 meters, a Multi-band 6 atomic time setting, and it also resists shocks, vibration, and centrifugal force of up to 15G too.

Bluetooth is onboard to set the local and world times, access the stopwatch and timer features, plus GPS-based travel logs. The watch is solar-powered and doesn’t have to be charged. It pairs with an app available for iOS and Android, which is not only very well designed, but it’s also very reliable and stores settings for all your Bluetooth-connected G-Shock watches in one place.

The G-Shock x Bruce Lee collaboration MRG-G2000BL watch will be available globally from March through G-Shock’s online stores, and in selected retail stores including the Carnaby Street store in London. Bruce Lee tragically died in 1973 and would have been 80 years old this year.

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