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The Focus Paralane2 may change your mind about how heavy ebikes can be

It seems that ebike manufacturers are finally turning their attention on slimming down their latest models in an effort to cut weight and improve speed and agility. First, we had a sneak peek at the new Wilier Cento1 Hybrid, which tipped the scales at a mere 26.2 pounds and now we have a new lightweight model from Focus that promises to set new standards as well. This is good news for traditional cyclists who may have an interest in what electric bikes bring to the table, but have been turned off by their excessive weight thus far.

The new Focus Paralane2 was announced at Sea Otter Europe, giving cyclists a glimpse of this new road model for the very first time. It comes equipped with a 250 watt-hour battery and an electric drive system that is capable of producing up to 400 watts of extra pedal assist power, along with 60-newton meters of torque. Those are modest numbers by ebike standards, but the idea behind the Paralane² is to give riders an extra boost when they need it, but not necessarily provide them a constant flow of additional power. With that in mind, the pedal assist mode kicks in when speeds drop below 15.5 mph.

Standard cycling components include a Shimano Ultegra Di2 crankset, a Paralane2-specific road disc fork, and a ProLogo Kappa Evo saddle. The bike comes with Continental tires and DT Swiss wheels, as well as hydraulic disc brakes, all of which is mounted on a carbon fiber frame. Focus even developed an entirely new thru-axle design that is said to be quieter and more efficient than those it used in the past.

FOCUS PARALANE² - E-Road Bike - Shift to next level !

Many of the components used in creating this bike were selected to help keep the overall weight to a minimum. With its electric motor and battery pack in place, the Paralane2 weighs 28.8 pounds, making it one of the lightest ebikes on the market. But, Focus designed those components to be easily detached from the frame, dropping the weight down to just 22 pounds when the drive and battery are removed. Since the bike offers no resistance when the motor isn’t in place, it should ride a lot like a more-traditional road bike.

The Paralane2 is expected to start shipping at the end of June in four different sizes ranging from small to extra large. No word yet if it is coming stateside, but it is expected to sell for about $6,120 to $12,360.

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