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HandyShower is the portable bathroom for your next camping trip

If there is a sure-fire way to get more of your friends and family interested in going camping, it’s finding ways to keep them clean and comfortable while staying in the backcountry. A new product called the HandyShower is hoping to do just that by promising to be the portable bathroom that outdoor enthusiasts have always wanted, complete with shower, faucet, and even a bidet.

On the surface, the HandyShower looks a lot like any number of other portable camp showers that are already on the market. It comes with its own reservoir that is large enough to hold up to two liters of water and it includes a hose with a showerhead to help backpackers and campers get clean while using a minimal amount of water. The reservoir bag is made out of materials that collect heat from the sun and warm the water to an acceptable level.

But what helps separate the HandyShower from the competition is the removable nozzles that allow it to provide other functions as needed. For instance, when campers are done taking a shower they can simply remove that nozzle and replace it with a faucet attachment that is perfect for washing their hands or collecting water for cooking their meals. There is also a bidet attachment that can be used to help them keep other parts clean, too. The entire system is activated using a foot pedal as well, making this a hands-free affair.

HandyShower Promo

The HandyShower weighs  12.8 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to transport in a backpack. Setup reportedly takes less than a minute and the nozzles can be swapped out in just a few seconds, all without wasting a significant amount of water. It is even compatible with other water bottles and reservoirs, making it versatile, too.

The designers of the HandyShower have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get the device into production. They are hoping to raise $30,000 on Indiegogo and if successful the portable bathroom will go into production and start shipping later this year. There are several models available, ranging from the basic HandyShower to a premium edition, which includes a handy carrying case and some additional accessories to help make it easier to hang the reservoir. Prices start at $20 and as always, it is important to understand the risks of pledging support to any crowdfunding campaign.

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