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Stash inflatable cooler was inspired by stand-up paddle boards

inflatable stash cooler fish
Stash takes the traditional rigid cooler and turns it upside down by making it inflatable. Inspired by the versatility and durability of the stand-up paddle board (SUP), the entrepreneurs behind the Stash worked to create a portable cooler that folds down when you are not using it and inflates to a full-size cooler when needed.

The SUP space shook up the recreational paddling market when it was introduced. Unlike traditional kayaks that are bulky and difficult to transport, the SUP could be folded to fit in the trunk of a car and then inflated to create a rigid board that is strong enough to support a person’s weight while paddling on a lake. What makes the SUP so successful is the use of drop-stitch technology in the manufacturing of the board. Drop stitch weaves together thousands of fine polyester threads into a matrix of connected air chambers. These fibers are soft when uninflated and become rock hard when the chambers are filled with air.

The team behind the Stash borrowed this proven drop-stitch technology and applied in the design of the cooler. The Stash has three internal air chambers that allow it to act as a portable soft cooler when uninflated. In this compressed state, the cooler can be easily transported and compactly stored in the trunk of a car or the hold of a boat. Once there’s a need for cooling, the Stash can be inflated with a high-volume pump to produce a hard cooler that is perfect for storing everything from fresh-caught fish to picnic-style food and beverages.

Manufactured with military-grade materials, the Stash cooler is made to withstand the elements even in the roughest conditions encountered in a marine environment. Stainless steel d-rings and reinforced feet provide tie-down points, while UV-protected vinyl cuts down on the damaging effects of the sun. On the inside, the cooler has PrimaLoft down for insulation and a reflective liner to help retain the cold air. Convenience features include two threaded and screened drain plugs for easy cleaning, and outer mesh pockets for storing extra gear. There are also padded handles for easy transport when the cooler is filled with food items.

Slated to arrive in the coming weeks, the Stash is available exclusively at West Marine. It is being sold in capacities ranging from 75 to 600 quarts with a suggested retail price tag of $399 for the 75-quart model and $999 for the large 600-quart version.

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