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Nomad’s compact MagSafe Mount Stand holds the iPhone 12 up for you to see

Accessory maker Nomad continues to expand its collection of Apple MagSafe compatible products, with the latest being the MagSafe Mount Stand. It’s an evolution of Nomad’s existing MagSafe Mount, but instead of only providing a flat surface for the charging phone, it stands the phone upright so you can still see the screen.

MagSafe’s flexibility and the Mount Stand’s design means the phone can be held in portrait or landscape orientation, so it’s helpful for either viewing notifications when they arrive, or for watching video while the phone charges. The base of the Mount Stand is covered in rubber so it doesn’t slip around, and the substantial 595-gram weight means it shouldn’t topple over unexpectedly either. It comes in a single color, a dark grey matte metallic called Carbide.

It’s compatible with all iPhone 12 models, as these are currently the only iPhones available with MagSafe charging, but unlike some of its competing products, it does not come with the MagSafe charger itself. To take advantage of the Nomad Mount Stand’s ability, you’ll need to already own or buy another MagSafe charging puck from Apple. This adds $39 to the Nomad Mount Stand’s $60 price.

As always with Nomad products the Mount Stand is attractively designed — take a look at the curved corners and the flowing bend in the base of the stand — and is sure to be a high-quality product. It’s also compact and neat, so won’t take up too much room on your desk. However, if you need to buy a MagSafe Charger to go with it, the $100 total price is not much cheaper than Belkin’s excellent $150 3-in-1 Boost Charge Wireless Charger, which may be a good alternative to consider. In addition to the MagSafe charger the Belkin stand has an additional Qi wireless charger, and an Apple Watch charger, making it very versatile.

If you like the Nomad MagSafe Mount Stand it’s available to buy from Nomad beginning Tuesday, August 3, directly through the company’s own online store. It joins a host of Apple’s own MagSafe products, including the recently launched MagSafe Battery Pack. While you’re visiting Nomad’s store you’ll even find a leather cover for the new battery pack, and a leather cover for the original Apple MagSafe puck itself.

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