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Polar adds Nike+ Run Club support to its fitness devices

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Runners who are part of the Nike+ Run Club just gained the ability to use even more wearable devices in their never-ending pursuit to improve performance. Polar on Tuesday announced that it will begin supporting Nike’s popular run-tracking system on several of its devices, including the M430 and M600 GPS watches. The update comes as part of Polar’s Polar Flow data-syncing platform, which is available on the web, as well as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

To take advantage of the Nike+ integration, users must first update to the latest version of the Polar Flow software or app, then sign in using their account information. From there, they simply go to the “settings” menu and select the new option to link their Flow account with Nike+. The Polar software will prompt them to add their Nike ID and password so Polar Flow can grant permission to sync the data collected from a workout to Nike+.

Both systems have their advantages for runners looking to improve their overall performance. For instance, Polar Flow monitors a number of important metrics throughout a run, and then visually displays that data in a format that is easy for users to understand. The software tracks progress over the course of days, weeks, and months, charting important milestones and workout trends along the way. The Nike+ Run Club offers a similar experience, although it also provides automated coaching options to help fine-tune performance, as well as an active online community of fellow runners to share achievements and challenges with. The social aspect of Nike’s online service is one of its biggest strengths, as athletes often look to friends and family for continued motivation.

The addition of Nike+ support is just the latest in a line of new partnerships for Polar. The company also added support for controlling GoPro cameras and the Stryd power meter to its M800 watch, and it has also updated its device with Strava, Apple Health, and Google Fit. This level of versatility isn’t found in a lot of other fitness wearables, making these options more attractive to serious runners.

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