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The Ravean Rugged Heated Jacket is a winter coat that’s as tough as you are

Ravean Rugged Heated Workers Jacket
Update: After just nine days on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Ravean’s innovative Rugged Heated Jacket already soared past its modest funding goal of $1,000, to the tune of a whopping $102,000. Ravean co-founder Bryce Fisher added that he’s “very pleased to see the response” the campaign has received since launching, crediting input from past customers as part of what allowed the company to design a “tougher, more resilient heated jacket.”

With roughly 429 backers already committed to the campaign, Ravean’s latest piece of heated outerwear will surely head to market, though initial backers won’t see a physical product until September of 2018. Until then, the brand has a busy schedule of not only manufacturing the jacket and filling orders but also in making sure its production model can handle the massive influx in demand. With its funding at six figures and continuing to grow, it’s likely that’s a problem the brand will consider a good one to have.

Original post: You’re the toughest person you know, so shouldn’t you be able to say the same about your jacket? After all, if you’re cold during this winter’s adventures, it’s not that you’re going soft, it’s that your outerwear isn’t living up to expectations. Here to help you reach your full potential as an outdoor guru even in the most frigid of temperatures is the newest jacket from Ravean. It’s called the Rugged Heated Jacket, and it’s now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The best part? The jacket itself is heated.

Promising to be as tough and resilient as it is warm, the Raven Rugged is meant for folks who will be working in the out of doors this winter or looking to go on a snowy expedition.

“Like its predecessors, Rugged features multi-zone, on-demand heat that can be directed when you need it and where you need it most,” Ravean co-founder Bryce Fisher said. “But it also includes new features including the world’s first patented heated thumb-hole cuffs, designed to keep your hands warm while your fingers and thumbs are free to handle intricate work.”

This new jacket is heated in both the core and back (as well as the cuffs), so you’ll be enveloped in a cozy cocoon from the minute you don the coat. There are three temperature settings so you can decide just how much warmth you need on a particular day. And as for the source of that warmth, it all comes from a 10,050mAh battery. In fact, the jacket is compatible with most major power tool batteries, so if you’re running low on power, it ought to be pretty easy to find a replacement power pack. And if you have a particularly supercharged jacket, you can even use it to charge your mobile devices.

“Just as we’ve done since we launched our first jacket back in 2015, we’ve taken the feedback from our crowdfunding backers and customers to create this more durable, ultra-tough heated jacket,” Fisher added. “Anyone looking for a tough and durable jacket to keep them warm, especially when they are hard at work in the cold, will be … satisfied with Rugged. With an inner soft breathable liner and tough softshell, Rugged keeps the elements out and the heat in, regardless of the outdoor environment.”

You can pre-order the Rugged now for $170 if you don’t want the battery included, or for $200 with the power pack.

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