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Challenge the cold in Stio’s new collection of Polartec Power Wool baselayers

Whether you’re bundling up to hit the slopes, snow camping, or ascending a mountain summit, your outerwear needs a strong foundation to keep you moving at your best. Stio teamed up with Polartec to craft a new line of Power Wool baselayers for this season — designed with innovative technology that combines the best worlds of merino wool and synthetic fibers. This hybrid fabric utilizes what nature provided — infused with science — to serve as the ultimate winter baselayer for any outdoor adventure.

While traditional blended yarn compositions are fraught with many disadvantages, Polartec took the individual fabrics and incorporated them into fused layers on separate physical plains for its unique Power Wool line. The company uses merino wool on the inside to provide for warmth (even when wet), breathability, odor resistance, and comfort. What wool lacks? The superior durability and longevity of synthetic fibers. Heavy use and repeated washing causes degradation of the fibers over time. To make up for this shortcoming, Polartec implements a layer of synthetic fibers on the outside of the wool layer, providing for durability, shape retention, wicking efficiency, and faster drying — in this way bringing together the best characteristics of each fiber type.

The Power Wool blend is about 70 percent polyester and 30 percent merino wool fibers. Stio’s innovative baselayers feature a high-efficiency grid backer design that helps trap warm in, aid in moisture transfer, and also assist with drying. Flatlock seams attribute to added comfort — so you can be confident of performance when you’re on the go. The plated design ensures the fibers remain in place. Merino wool is used on the inside because of its unbeatable next-to-skin comfort while the outer polyester layer strengthens the garment as a whole. The baselayers boast an athletic style — perfect for aerobic activity, whether your carving turns through fresh powder or ice climbing a waterfall.

The new Stio Power Wool collection includes a women’s and men’s zip-neck, crew top, and tight bottoms. In addition, the company offers a Power Wool beanie and neck gaiter — so your head and neck can stay as warm as your lower body. The zip-neck retails for $109, the crew top for $99, the beanie for $35, and the neck gaiter for $39. You can purchase everything through Stio’s website.

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