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World’s first smart baseball can map its own trajectory from pitch to pitch

Whenever a pitch is thrown during a televised baseball game, million-dollar equipment is used to show viewers the baseball’s path towards home plate. With Strike, the world’s first smart baseball, the same data can be collected at a fraction of the cost.

This baseball contains everything it needs to record, trajectory, speed, and spin rate of each pitch thrown. Anyone with a smartphone can quickly view the data with a 3D simulation and use it to improve their next throw.

Each aspect of Strike is designed to better understand a pitch so players know what needs to be worked on. When the smart baseball is through, it records five different measurements. Using an algorithm to track the ball’s path, it instantly generates a 3D representation of its trajectory. Other measurements like spin rate, velocity, and rotation axis allow the pitcher to better understand their strengths and weaknesses with different types of pitches. For accuracy, Strike is able to detect where the ball would hit within the standard strike zone.

By connecting the baseball to the mobile app, players can view their performance in an easy-to-read chart. Coaches and scouts also have more ways to keep track of a pitcher’s progression. Built-in achievements also serve as motivation for improvement.

What makes it work sits inside the baseball’s core. A small circuit board contains an internal measuring unit, gyroscope, Bluetooth chipset, and other related electronics. Damaging the internals is not an issue. Each Strike baseball has been through impact prevention testing up to 120 miles per hour. The baseball charges wirelessly by being placed on the charging pad. A full charge will last up to 12 hours of constant use or 48 hours in standby.

A smart baseball wouldn’t do much good if it didn’t replicate the real thing. Because of this, Strike has been designed to have the same weight, surface texture, and center of gravity as a regulation baseball.

Strike has just wrapped up its Kickstarter with deliveries beginning later this summer. At a retail price of $130, this smart baseball offers the same data the professionals get, but without needing millions to pay for it.

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