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Here’s an Xbox One controller you can play with in the pool

If you live, breathe, and sweat Xbox every waking hour, then here’s a little something to further feed your rampant addiction to Microsoft’s gaming platform.

The exquisite Xbox Inflatable is perfect for outdoor fun in the pool or ocean, though if you’re wondering why on earth it’s launching now – what with frigid temperatures enveloping much of the U.S. – then we can tell you. It’s because the toy comes courtesy of Microsoft Australia, a country currently enjoying summery conditions. Because it’s summer there.

If you hadn’t noticed, this unique inflatable has been designed to resemble the Xbox One game controller, and no, it can’t be hooked up to the console to use for real. However, if any gaming sessions leave you mad and frustrated, hurling it across the room in a fit of rage will probably cause fewer breakages than the real controller, so it may be effective in that regard.

Unlike the real thing, Microsoft’s inflatable is fully waterproof, and even comes fitted with two drink holders – in place of the view and menu buttons – for when you’re lazing out on the water.

If you happen to be wondering how you can get your hands on this wonderful collectible, then we need to be clear – it won’t be easy. Microsoft only has 200 up for grabs. Oh, and you need to be an Aussie resident, too.

Eligible? Then head to the Microsoft Store Facebook page, click Like, and explain in 25 words or less your ideal Australia Day. Good luck with that.

This latest fun idea from Microsoft Australia brings to mind the Xbox Onesie released by the team last year.

The head-to-toe PJs feature not only the Xbox logo but also two large pockets – perfect for holding the controllers – and a pouch on one of the arms for your phone.

As for the inflatable, perhaps Microsoft will consider offering U.S. Xbox fans the same toy once the warmer weather comes around later this year. Though admittedly, if you’re a genuine die-hard gamer, you probably won’t have time to use it.

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