Introducing the world’s first Instagram hotel, where selfies are definitely welcome

1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia calls itself the world’s most Instagrammable hotel. And the stylish place would certainly shine on the social network, with its pop of color and elegant designs.

Of course, there are a lot of good-looking hotels out there, so proclaiming a hotel the most Instagram-friendly out of all others seems slightly braggy… but there is one way that 1888 Hotel is possibly the world’s most Instagram-obsessed hotel.

1888 Hotel is running a contest to encourage people to spread the word about its luxurious design on Instagram. If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can enjoy a complimentary night’s stay at the hotel. And there’s an ongoing contest for hotel guests – whoever captures the best Instagram shot of the hotel each month will get a free night’s stay at another time.

1888 Hotel is named after the year that Kodak snagged its first patent for its box and roll camera, and the hotel carries its fascination with photography into the digital age by focusing on all things Instagram. At the reception desk, guests are greeted with a slideshow of Instagram images of the space shot by other people who have stayed there, and the hotel created an Instagram-friendly walking map of the area, so people know the most scenic spots.

The most audacious/ridiculous Instagram-themed feature is the “selfie space.” Presumably so guests don’t start taking selfies of themselves in the bathroom mirror, the hotel created an area specifically for lodgers who want to document their faces on vacation.

The whole thing seems gimmicky, but the hotel itself looks beautiful, so I suppose the marketing scheme can be forgiven. 

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