Photos: Samsung’s NX1000, NX2100, and NX20 are sleek, mirrorless, sharing machines

Samsung has introduced an impressive trio of sleek new digital cameras. The NX1000, NX210, and NX20 are (obviously) part of the brand’s interchangeable lens NX-series, and boast plenty of next-gen features, including Wi-Fi, CMOS sensors, and  filters. We were impressed by what we saw from Samsung at CES in the compact category, and it looks like the manufacturer is taking things up another notch with these new additions. 

Samsung is something of a dark horse in the interchangeable lens, mirrorless system genre. Names like Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony have stolen a decent amount of the attention. But this update is, by all first looks, impressive, and we could have a new contender in the mix. 

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