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Adobe releases Photoshop Mix 1.5 for iOS, adds support for digital stylus, cloud clipboard

Update on March 11, 2015: Photoshop Mix for iPhone and iPad now supports Adobe’s Ink digital stylus and Cloud Clipboard. Adobe Ink had previous only worked with the Sketch and Line apps. In addition, Photoshop Mix now supports styluses from Wacom and Pencil. Cloud Clipboard is where your work in-progress is temporarily stored remotely, and can be accessed from whatever machines you access Creative Cloud with. With Photoshop Mix, users can pull assets from the cloud and drop them into the app.

Adobe also introduces a featured called Overview, a way to merge images. It lets you take one image and place it onto another to combine into a single image. A new tutorial on how to cut out an image and combine it with another is available when the app launches.

Update on December 11, 2014: Photoshop Mix, the Photoshop for iPad and now iPhone, gets another update. Version 1.4 gets a few new tools designed for photo editing on iOS mobile devices. The new features include:

  • Auto Crop analyzes images and suggests non-destructive boundaries based on the primary objects in an image.
  • Easier sharing with Instagram.
  • Open files from Lightroom, Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Line and Illustrator Draw through expanded Creative Cloud connectivity.
  • Faster preview generation and iOS 8 compatibility.

Original article: Adobe placed some of Photoshop’s popular desktop tools into the iPad with the launch of Photoshop Mix, an app that lets users work with Photoshop features, such as layers and masking, on the tablet. Adobe describes the app as “the most precise for compositing and masking on the iPad,” which is tied to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service and lets users start a project on the mobile device and continue it later on the desktop. Just a few months after its June 2014 debut, Adobe has released the first big update that brings even more tools.

Adobe’s Bryan O’Neill said, in his blog post, that Photoshop Mix 1.1 “satisfies the majority of the feedback we’ve heard from in-app feedback, research, and reviews. In 1.1, users will see the following enhancements:

  • Image Swap, for changing the order of layers by dragging and dropping thumbnails. In 1.0, if you picked the wrong images, you’d have to restart the project; this update lets you easily swap in and out images.
  • Multiple undos and redos within a task.
  • Faster performance, especially on newer iPads. Users will see this in loading times and live previews.
  • Tighter integration with Photoshop Express, Adobe’s rudimentary photo-editing app for mobile devices.
  • Dropbox support added. Users can now open files from there, as well as from Creative Cloud, Lightroom Mobile, and Facebook.
Support for Dropbox files.
Support for Dropbox files.
  • Full resolution files can be saved to the iPad’s camera roll. Previously, a down-sampled version was saved to the camera roll, while the full-res file was stored in Creative Cloud.
  • Support for large panoramic files, as well as PNG file formats.
  • Support for more languages.

Photoshop Mix is free to use and download, but you’ll need to subscribe to Creative Cloud in order to take advantage of other features.

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(This article was originally posted on August 29, 2014.)

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