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Smaller than a GoPro, this dual-lens 360 camera is also expected to cost less

CAMEO360 - The World's Smallest Dual Lens 360 4K Camera
360 video is getting more pocketable — Cameo360 is the smallest dual lens 4K video camera yet. Developed by Flick Labs Inc., the Cameo360 is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Despite using a dual-lens design and built-in stitching software, the Cameo360 is smaller than GoPro’s current flagship, the Hero5. That size is also kept low by weather sealing the camera itself instead of using waterproof housing, allowing the camera to go down to a depth of 30 feet.

The camera includes a number of features that are relatively new to the action camera market, including image stabilization, live-streaming, and Bluetooth. Along with 4K resolution, the camera can also shoot 24-megapixel still images. The images and video captured from the Cameo can be viewed with VR goggles as well as web browsers and social media.

Developers say the camera is designed with both simplicity and portability in mind. Along with fitting inside a pocket, the camera uses a simple one-button control scheme as well as being controlled through the Flicksee app, which is both Android and iOS compatible. The app includes live-streaming to both Facebook and YouTube, as well as sharing (after the fact) to Twitter and Instagram. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability enabling the app use will also allow the camera to receive firmware updates wirelessly.

To make that app control easier to access, the Cameo360 is expected to ship with a selfie stick and smartphone mount, giving the camera a handle and a screen via the smartphone.

“There are many high-quality cameras, but many are expensive, bulky, and very inconvenient to carry around,” the camera’s creator, Roland Nguyen, said in a press release. “There are also many social media channels available to us today that can be very time consuming when it comes to editing videos and managing multiple platforms. We embraced these two issues and created a versatile, high-quality pocket-size camera with easy-to-use features — along with our own social media platform. This makes it easy for Cameo360 users to create and share their creation in our community and other social media channels.”

Flick Labs is aiming to raise $30,000 for the production costs of the Cameo360 — and the firm is already about two thirds of the way to that goal with almost two weeks remaining in the campaign. If the project reaches the funding goal and doesn’t run into production hurdles, backers will receive the Cameo360 for $185 in August. The company expects the camera to list for a $269 retail price if it goes into full production.

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