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No neck strap, no problem with Cotton Carrier's newest camera harness system

The camera harness is already an attractive alternative to the traditional neck strap due to the more ergonomic distribution of the camera’s weight. And now Cotton Carrier is giving photographers a few more reasons to consider an alternative carrying system. The Vancouver, B.C.-based company recently announced the G3 Camera Harness, an update to the company’s line that includes more padding, pockets, and a tuckaway rain cover.

The G3 is designed to be even more comfotable than Cotton Carrier’s earlier options, thanks to additional padding on the shoulders and back panels that helps keep the weight of the camera evenly distributed. The new design also boasts more pockets, with two in the front and a breathable stretch pocket at the back. The lens stabilization strap is also boasts a quieter design.

The update also includes a few perks designed for wildlife photographers and other shooters that spend time outdoors. The updated harness system uses a rain cover to keep the camera dry while it’s being worn. When not in use, the rain cover tucks inside the harness. The G3 comes in three colors, including a Realtree Xtra camouflage option, as well as a charcoal gray and the original black. The camo pattern was a response to requests by customers, Cotton Carrier says, and was made possible through an agreement with Realtree.

“At Cotton Carrier, we are always trying to improve upon what we create. We talked with customers to find out what they wanted, and redesigned our most popular harnesses to reflect requests for an easier fit, more comfortable design, added pockets, and more stylish colors. We are excited to provide these upgrades to benefit photographers,” said Brook Parker, Cotton Carrier co-founder.

Like other Cotton Carrier products, the G3 uses the company’s twisting camera lock that keeps the camera from bouncing around but unlocks with a quick twist. The harness is available in versions that allow you to mount one camera, one camera and a pair of binoculars, or two cameras.

The harness is expected to retail for prices beginning at $119, with presale discounts starting at $99.

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