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Color correct and protect the DJI Mavic Air with new accessories from PolarPro

Drone giant DJI has shrunk the backpack-sized Mavic Pro down even further with the Mavic Air — and soon owners of the new drone can have a small set of accessories to match. On Tuesday, January 30, PolarPro launched pre-orders for a new line of accessories designed for the DJI Mavic Air, including filters, cases, and platforms for handheld shooting.

Continuing on its earlier line of drone filters, the PolarPro Mavic Air lens filters are designed to fit the camera on the smaller drone. The set includes the most commonly used filters for digital cameras, including polarizing filters to enhance color quality. Neutral density filters give aerial videographers and photographers more control over their shutter speed while the UV filters cut back on haze and glare, PolarPro says.

Weight is always a consideration since adding gear onto a drone will reduce the flight time, but the PolarPro lenses for the Mavic Air weigh in at 0.59 grams, thanks in part to the aluminum frame. The manufacturer also says that the filters won’t hinder the performance of the Mavic Air’s three-axis gimbal. The filters sell as sets beginning at $80.

While DJI has designed the Mavic Air to fit inside a coat pocket, PolarPro is offering options for pilots that don’t want to tuck the drone away unprotected. The Minimalist Edition case is a soft-shell designed to slide into another bag. Custom-moulded to the Mavic Air’s shape, the bag fits the drone (when folded), four batteries, remote, and other accessories including filters and cables. The soft case retails for $30.

PolarPro’s Rugged case fits the same amount of gear but inside a hard-shelled case. The case is also waterproof and uses a foam insert to offer more protection for the drone. The hard case lists for $50.

PolarPro is also working to help pilots use their drone for recording on the ground. The Katana Mavic Air Tray and the Pro version of the same tray allow the Mavic Air’s camera and gimbal to be used handheld. The tray gives the drone a grip that makes the camera easier to use for handheld shots in no-fly zones, or for keeping ground-based footage consistent with aerial footage for the same project by using the same camera. The basic version will sell for $50 and the Pro for $80.

Pre-orders for all the accessories are available from PolarPro’s website, while the company expects the accessories to begin shipping in February.

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