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Update makes smartphone-connected DxO One less phone-dependent

dxo one firmware version 22 phone camera
Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
DxO’s iPhone-connected camera is getting even more features with the sixth firmware update since the camera launched in 2015. On Wednesday, DxO announced improvements to the DxO One’s stand-alone mode, as well as improvements to battery life, faster app response, and automatic updates with a free firmware update.

Firmware version 2.2 brings an exposure meter to the camera’s control screen, allowing users to guide manual setting choices even when the camera isn’t attached to an iPhone or iPad. While the camera is designed to pair with an iOS device, the exposure meter enhances the stand-alone mode that also includes a framing assistant. Like meters built inside DSLRs, the DxO One’s meter indicates whether a photo is under- or overexposed, and is now available even without the iOS device used as a viewfinder. Without the iPhone connection, the camera’s small 2.6-inch profile is even more discreet for shooting street photography, DxO says, and the added meter enhances the standalone shooting experience.

The update also brings a better battery life, as well as improving the reliability of the on-screen battery icon. The camera now uses the Autofocus On-Demand mode by default, and since the mode is more energy efficient, each charge will last a bit longer after the update.

The iOS app also now offers a faster startup time, which DxO Mark says allows users to shoot almost instantaneously. The app will also now automatically update the camera’s firmware when new features are released. The automatic updates only start when the camera is charging while connected to the iPhone or iPad.

The latest update comes in a long line of software enhancements that gives the 2015 release new features, including earlier features like Wi-Fi remote operation, Facebook Live support, RAW editing without a desktop computer and in-app watermarks.

The smartphone-connected camera, which uses a 1-inch, 20.2-megapixel sensor and f/1.8 lens, retails for $499 and includes the DxO Connect desktop software, as well as the mobile app.

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