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Broadcast better: DxO One update adds multicamera Facebook Live support

dxo one facebook live support
The DxO One keeps getting better. The external camera add-on for iOS devices has grown from a plug-in accessory to a wireless remote camera to, now, a multicamera live broadcasting solution — all without any physical updates to the hardware itself. DxO announced today that it will soon bring Facebook Live streaming capabilities to the DxO One, along with updates to the app that allow users to play the role of director during live broadcasts.

Beyond adding basic support for Facebook Live, the version 2.5 update will display three camera feeds simultaneously — from the DxO One plus both the iPhone’s front and rear-facing cameras. Users will be able to switch between feeds with the tap of finger. What’s more, thanks to the Wi-Fi capabilities of the DxO One that were unlocked earlier this year, a user can even place the camera in a remote location while still monitoring the feed from her iPhone.

In addition to a choice of camera angles, the app will let users select either the DxO One or the iPhone’s built-in microphone as the audio source — or automatically switch to the audio from the active angle. Keeping the audio locked to the iPhone’s mic will be perfect in situations where the operator wants to provide commentary while streaming video from a Wi-Fi-connected DxO one in a remote location.

Even without taking advantage of the multicamera support, using the DxO One in place of the iPhone’s built-in camera should drastically improve video quality for Facebook Live broadcasts. The DxO One uses a large, 1-inch type sensor with a fast, f/1.8 prime lens. Especially in low-light situations, this should provide much clearer footage than the stock iPhone camera.

DxO has yet to release a hard date for when the update will go live, but said it will be available sometime in early 2017 on the iTunes App Store.

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