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13 inspiring female photographers to follow on Instagram

fashion photographer dixie dixon
Hillary Grigonis/Digital Trends

We talk a lot about the importance of the tech, the camera and lens, that is responsible for making a photograph — but the person behind the camera is what truly drives an image. From travelers to commercial artists, Instagram is a hot spot for unearthing new perspectives from a diverse base of creators.

On International Women’s Day, we invite you to fill your feed with views from the female lens. From destination photographers who spend more time abroad than at home to women fighting for a cause, here are 13 inspiring female photographers to follow on Instagram — some that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person on our own adventures, and others that we’ve admired from afar.

Paola Franqui (@monaris_)

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goodbye my dear!

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New Jersey-based street photographer Paola Franqui, better known online as Monaris, has an eye for unsuspecting moments. Her images often capture everyday candid events that would otherwise go unnoticed. Using darker, film-inspired tones, she often plays with reflections and perspectives. Besides photographing New Jersey, she’s also a frequent traveler, photographing people from around the world.

Dixie Dixon (@iamdixiedixon)

Dixie Dixon is a Texas-born fashion and commercial photographer and director. While much of her work is commercial, her images always manage to capture a sense of emotion and allure. She believes photography is the “outward expression of inner significance,” a guiding factor that shows in her work. Follow Dixon on Instagram for fashion and commercial inspiration with a hint of romance.

Rusty and Kelsey Rodas (@rustyrodas)

Okay, so Rusty Rodas is actually a boy, but he’s a very good boy. The human behind this Golden Retriever’s popular account is Kelsey Rodas (@kelseyrodas). Rodas (the human one) uses her photo skills to creatively pose her adopted shelter dog, often in full human wardrobe, to spread positivity on Instagram — and who couldn’t use more of that? Follow @rustyrodas on Instagram for fun, four-legged adventures that will help breathe some humor, love, and good vibes into your daily grind.

Brooke Shaden (@brookshaden)

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Dear friends, I'm painfully shy. But I'm also a motivational speaker. An educator. A community organizer. I make art by myself. I'm scared to work with other people. I avoid crowds. I make no sense. But the secret is that no one does. We are all walking contradictions. But maybe, maybe less so than we think. I create TO connect. I am a public speaker because I love to share. I believe my art can make people feel seen…including myself. So I create, and I speak about my work, and I make no sense but maybe you recognize yourself in the contradictions too. ???? It all feels a lot like this picture. Falling into the unknown but trusting you're there to catch me. And knowing I'm there to catch myself. ???? P.S. I'm about to go on stage right now. I feel no fear, only joy. Talking about what I love is a gift. Thank you for being here to listen and see. ????

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Brooke Shaden could be considered both a photographer and a Photoshop artist. The fine-art photographer creates otherworldly, dreamlike images. Her work is often full of emotion, mystery, and dark tones (though if you hear her speak, her personality is unmistakably bright). She started out manipulating her own self portraits, but her recent work often obscures the identity of the subject. Follow Shaden on Instagram for thought-provoking fine art.

Kael Rebick (@Punkodelish)

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Morning light with a touch of spring

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Toronto-based photographer Kael Rebick started snapping landscapes with her smartphone — and quickly become hooked. Now, whether she’s shooting with a smartphone or Fujifilm mirrorless camera, her work captures impressive, often colorful views. She doesn’t discriminate between rural and urban beauty and her work takes her to scenes from around the world. Follow @punkodelish on Instagram for colorful travel photography.

Erin Sullivan (@Erinoutdoors)

Erin Sullivan is a travel blogger and photographer. Between the time she spends on the road and her photographic eye, her Instagram account will probably give you the travel itch. Her feed is a mix of impressive vistas, stunning night skies, interesting people, and exotic wildlife. She also leads photography excursions around the world. Follow @erinoutdoors on Instagram for inspiring travel photography.

Susan Stripling (@susanstriplingphotography)

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As a wedding photographer, you have to be ready for ANYTHING. As a NYC wedding photographer, you have to be ready for anything then some : crowds, crazy weather, difficult logistics, small spaces, the list goes on and on. ⠀ .⠀ At this sweet elopement, the bride and groom wanted some pictures with the vintage taxicab that they rented for their day. It was getting dark, and there wasn’t enough ambient light to really illuminate the couple inside the cab. I wedged a gridded speedlite in between the seats of the cab and used it to light the couple’s faces, separating them from the background and making them really stand out against the dramatic scene.⠀ .⠀ For photographers : Canon 5D Mark IV. 35mm f/1.4 lens at 35mm and f/4, exp comp 0.0, ISO 640, 1/160 sec. Manual. Light from one gridded off-camera speedlite at 1/32 power. @canonusa #teamcanon #canonexploreroflight #eos5dmarkiv #behindtheshot

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A wedding photographer based in New York City, Susan Stripling is a recognized photographer and educator. Her wedding photography is all about capturing a story, often told with light, creative perspectives, and perfect timing. And for photographers, she shares the technical details behind her images for additional insight. For wedding inspiration, follow Stripling on Instagram.

Sylvia Matzkowiak (@goldie_berlin)

Sylvia Matzokwiak, better known by her Instagram handle @goldie_berlin, is a German travel photographer and blogger. Working as a travel photographer since 2012, her Instagram feed is filled with colorful destinations around the world, from cities to beaches. Follow @goldie-berlin on Instagram for travel inspiration.

Rachel Barkman (@rachelbarkman)

Rachel Barkman works as a professional wedding photographer — but she’s also a nature enthusiast. She shares stunning images from her outdoor adventures at @rachelbarkman (and you can also see her wedding photos at @rachelbarkmanweddings). From the Northern Lights to sunlight streaking through remote forests, her images will make you want to explore the outdoors (if you don’t already).

Lindsay Adler (@lindsayadler_photography)

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I love LOVE some of the new techniques I’ve been experimenting with in my newest work. So… do you think it was shot outdoors, composited or in the studio? It was… in studio! This is actually a canvas print of a stormy sky printed on a @canonusa pro-4000 printer hung behind the subject and then lit to create this dramatic scene. I shot 4 or 5 variations with this sky and I’m going to be sharing them this week. Such a cool technique and I’d much rather capture it in camera (especially since it’s not expensive to do either)! My team really helped to make this shot sing. Model @hayden.graye from @statemgmt with makeup by amazing @yvonnetheartist and hair by talented @nikoweddle. Loving the art we made and so excited to share more. #endlessfaces #timelessbeauty #atedge @atedge #beautycare #photoshoot #canonprinter #canonpro4000 #dramaticlighting #patmcgrath #nyx #fashioneditorial #nyfw2019 #nyfw styling— model’s own coat, ring @lscstyling Casting by @nycbcg

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Fashion and beauty photographer Lindsay Adler is well known in the industry as both a photographer and an educator. She favors a clean but bold look — and her images demonstrate a pro-level understanding of light and posing. Along with fashion photography, she also photographs portraits, but with the same style and drama as her fashion work. Follow Adler on Instagram for bold fashion inspiration.

Ana Brandt (@anabrandt)

One of the most recognized photographers in her field, Ana Brandt crafts imagery celebrating newborns and moms-to-be. She’s a master at posing tiny sleeping babies. Her style favors neutral colors or props from the same color family. Now working as a photographer for 18 years, she also shares her craft with new photographers and designs maternity gowns for photoshoots. Follow Brandt on Instagram for newborn photography inspiration.

Laura Pritchett (@bythebrush)

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onward ✨

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Laura Pritchett is both a painter and a photographer — and both mediums carry similarities in her use of soothing colors, impressive views, and unique compositions. She lives full-time in an Airstream trailer, which means the artist is always traveling somewhere and sharing her adventures online. Follow her travels — and see how her painting carries over into her photography — on Instagram at @bythebrush.

Asa Sjostrom (@asasjostromphotography)

Asa Sjostrom is a documentary photographer from Sweden. Focusing on social issues, her images bring others reality to light, from traveling with the circus to working as a businesswoman in Uganda. Her work has led to three books and dozens of grants and exhibitions. Follow @asasjostromphotography on Instagram for a photojournalistic look into another life.

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