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Pick up a dozen free Lightroom presets for Fujifilm X-Series cameras

fujifilm film presets samuel zeller simulation xt10
One of the most significant advantages of a digital photography workflow is the versatility of post-production. This is even more true when you’re shooting in RAW, if your camera has the capabilities.

A major component to this post-production versatility is the ability to create and use presets on your photos. Rather than having to adjust individual numbers and sliders with each and every photo, presets enable you to edit similar images with a single click.

Across the web, you’ll find dozens of companies that offer presets for a range of editing programs: VSCO, Mastin Labs, and Totally Rad. Almost all of these companies and their respective preset packs are wonderful, but sometimes you want or need something a little more specific and precise than the broad options these companies offer.

It was this dilemma that led Fujifilm X-Photographer ambassador Samuel Zeller to create his very own set of Adobe Lightroom presets designed specifically for Fujifilm’s X-series cameras.

Piggybacking off Fujifilm’s impressive film simulation technology, Zeller has created a series of twelve handcrafted presets.

Although we don’t have a Fujifilm X-series camera to test the presets on, from the looks of the previews Zeller provides on his website, the presets are extremely clean and give just enough character without overdoing it.

Fujifilm Presets

Zeller notes the presets will work with non-Fujifilm image files, but they won’t have the same effect, as they’re specifically designed on top of Fujifilm’s film simulation modes.

According to Zeller’s website, more presets will be shared in the future. To check out the presets and try them out, head on over to his website. You can also subscribe to his newsletter to keep up to date with future presets releases.

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