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Fujifilm releases new ‘black’ and ’sky blue’ Instax Mini film

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In the ongoing effort to hold its place as the current leader in instant film photography, Fujifilm has released two new styles of its signature Instax Mini film.

Determined by a survey hosted on Fujifilm Instax’s Facebook page, Instax Mini film prints will now be available with black and sky blue borders. Other than the different border colors, which is purely there for a stylized aesthetic, the underlying film and formula remains unchanged. So no need to worry whether or not it will work with your current Instax Mini camera.

This isn’t the first time Fujifilm has played around with stylized borders. In the past, Fujifilm has created borders with various designs and characters printed on it, such as its latest Hello Kitty Instax Mini film. But never before has Fujifilm stick to a single color for the border.


The black bordered film has already been released and the sky blue should be available in early November, although no specific date was mentioned.

As with other Instax Mini film packs, the black and sky blue editions will come with 10 prints per pack and are expected to retail for approximately the same as other sets, although limited availability might affect the price.

The release of these two new films comes not long after Fujifilm’s announcement of its black and white Instax Mini films, Fujifilm’s first foray into monochromatic instant prints. Fujifilm’s Monochrome Instax film was released earlier this month.

Polaroid might be little more than a shell of the instant film giant it once was, but Fujifilm seems to be filling a growing gap of consumers who want physical photos in an instant.

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