GoPro is working on a new mobile app that will let you edit and share videos

gopro acquires editing apps is working on a new mobile app that will let you edit and share videos

GoPro president Tony Bates had plenty of good news to share in a meeting with investors on Tuesday. Bates discussed everything from GoPro working on a new mobile app to its cloud service, and its unveiling of a new content licensing portal for creative professionals.

Bates briefly told investors that the firm has been working on a new mobile app that will allow users to edit and share videos from their mobile devices. While Bates didn’t give out too many details on its features, he said the app is in its final phase of testing and should launch by the end of the summer.

GoPro recently launched a camera called the Hero+LCD, which was the company’s first product with on-camera editing. By releasing a new mobile app, GoPro users will be able to share content a lot faster. The new app will also offer a solution until the company releases its cloud service that will let users automatically edit video footage.

Bates said GoPro’s cloud service “will support a seamless offload of content from GoPro cameras to be managed and viewed on other devices.” The service was recently announced by CEO Nick Woodman when it was in alpha testing.

GoPro also announced a new content licensing portal, where creative professionals can license videos to brands and media companies. “The high-end offering is all about inspiring creative professionals to use beautiful imagery, incredible stories, and rich data created by GoPro and GoPro creators,” GoPro wrote in a related release, “Above all, it’s yet another way for GoPro to reward its inspirational creator community.” GoPro said that videos would start around $1,000, and the term of the licenses would be six months.