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JVC’s new 4K video cameras allow smartphone-controlled live graphics


Mixing graphics such as sports scores and logos with live video typically requires a professional setup that includes an external CG or a switcher — but JVC is launching new 4K cameras that can live-stream with graphics, switcher-free, by using an app and a smartphone or tablet. The JVC Professional 4KCam GY-HM250U builds in a variety of different graphics for live-streaming, while the GY-HM250SP adds sports-specific graphics, including scoreboards. The GY-HM180U also launches as a less pricey pro video camera from the same line. JVC Profesional Video announced the new cameras on Thursday, April 5, ahead of the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2018.

All three build on the features already found in the earlier models of JVC’s 4KCam line, including a 4K 1/2.5-inch backlit sensor with a 12x zoom lens and optical image stabilization system, but expand connectivity features. The pro-level features continue in the exterior design too with an integrated handle with a hot shoe and dual SD card slots.

For the GY-HM250U, the 4K camera adds in a variety of on-screen graphics for use with both live-streaming and pre-recorded videos. The camcorder builds in graphics in the lower thirds format along with full-screen graphics and titling options, allowing for some graphics control without a switcher. The graphics are controlled with a smartphone or tablet and allow for up to 50 different graphics to be uploaded and stored, ready for use while recording.

The GY-HM250SP has similar graphics features but is designed for the sports beat. The camera can add score overlays in a variety of different positions, with scoring options for football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and volleyball. Scores can be updated with a smartphone or tablet, or the camera is also compatible with the Sportzcast Scorebot wireless scoreboard.

Both of the first two releases also add a 60 fps 4K mode, but only when recording with the HDMI output, along with a 4:2:2 4K for 30 fps or 24 fps. A new macro mode allows for better focus on close-ups. Both of the advanced models use built-in Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, including access to Facebook Live and YouTube.

The new GYHM180U doesn’t get the integrated graphics feature and requires HDMI output for any live-streaming. But the update does add 3G-SDI output to what JVC says is a popular video camera model.

All three of the new 4KCam models will be out in May, after being presented at the 2018 NAB show next week. The GY-HM180U is the most affordable of the bunch at $1,795 while the GY-HM250U sits at $2,245 and the GY-HM250SP at $2,595.

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