Not just for Lightroom anymore, Loupedeck+ now works with Photoshop

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HIllary Grigonis/Digital Trends

Loupedeck+, the photo-editing console originally built for Lightroom, is now compatible with Adobe Photoshop. The move follows similar updates that extended support to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, as well as Skylum Aurora HDR.

Loupedeck is a “keyboard” designed specifically for photo editing, with dedicated dials and buttons for adjustments. Using the same software to custom configure the Loupedeck+ to Lightroom, photographers will be able to use default settings or custom set the photo-editing console’s different dials and buttons for Photoshop controls. The Loupedeck+ will allow photo editors to swap between tools, navigate through the image, work with layers, run filters, and more inside Photoshop, Loupedeck says.

The buttons on the Loupedeck+ designated for Lightroom presets can be used to run Photoshop actions. Loupedeck says that the Photoshop integration helps minimize mouse hunting with more direct access to tools. The company says the decision to expand into Photoshop is a direct result of user feedback.

“In our ongoing mission to make the editing processes of both professional and amateur photographers more intuitive and efficient, we continually work to integrate Loupedeck+ with the editing suites they utilize and cherish most in their workflows,” Mikko Kesti, founder and CEO of Loupedeck, said in a press release. “Members of our dedicated user community emphasized their eagerness to use the console to edit with Photoshop, and we listened. Following Loupedeck’s original integration with Adobe Lightroom and recent foray into video editing by way of Adobe Premiere Pro, this next stage of our partnership will continue to support photographers worldwide.”

The Photoshop integration is just one part of the company’s efforts to expand the number of programs compatible with the editing console that was originally developed for Adobe Lightroom. The company also says that it expects to integrate with Skylum Luminar in the future.

The original Loupedeck launched after a successful crowdfunding campaign. The company then fine-tuned the editing console in an update called the Loupedeck+ earlier this year.

The Photoshop compatibility is only available with the Loupedeck+, not the original Loupedeck. The Loupedeck+ retails for $249, and the original version of the Loupedeck sells for $129 on B&H.


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