Here’s how to use your GoPro Hero3 cam for Meerkat live-streaming

meerkat livestream gopro
Meerkat, the live-broadcasting video service, has added GoPro support to its iOS app. Currently in beta, the GoPro integration lets you stream video using a Hero3 action camcorder.

According to Meerkat, the feature marks the first time the company is extending broadcast capability outside of a mobile device. And it’s supporting one of the most popular cameras on the market. Besides the typical action shots, you could live stream content from a GoPro-equipped drone.

The setup process for this is ridiculously simple. After you connect your GoPro camera to an iOS device via Wi-Fi, you open Meerkat and shake the mobile device to start the stream – that’s it. The current version of Meerkat’s app supports only the Hero3, but the next update will add support for Hero4. You could live-stream your adventure from the surf or snow, as long as your GoPro camera is within connection distance from your mobile device.

We tested the feature with a Hero3 Black, and as Meerkat says, the process was simple. After turning on the camera’s Wi-Fi, we shook our iPhone 5S, and the app immediately recognized the camera. Once we entered the Hero3’s Wi-Fi password, we were ready to broadcast.

With competition from Twitter’s Periscope, Meerkat has been looking for new ways to grow, especially after Twitter prevented Meerkat users from automatically linking their Twitter followers. Prior to the GoPro support, the company introduced Facebook support and a feature called Cameo, which lets users take over another user’s live stream for up to 60 seconds.

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