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Moment’s new camera bags are small, but fashionable and functional

Meet Moment Bags | NEW GEAR

Moment, the company behind high-quality camera lenses for smartphones, is wading into camera bags. The initial batch of bags are small, meant to fit a smartphone along with a few Moment lenses and other accessories, but it can also fit a small DSLR or a mirrorless camera as well.

Bags aren’t the only item in Moment’s latest lineup. There’s also a small clutch Moment’s calling a “Crossbody Wallet,” as well as a wallet case for select smartphones.

Fanny Sling Pack

The flashiest item in the new lineup is Moment’s Fanny Sling Pack. It’s the biggest bag of the lot, but as you can see it’s still quite small. It comes in either canvas or ripstop material, with a nylon strap. The whole pack is adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen the straps around the back to ensure the contents aren’t shifting around too much.

The bags have a durable water repellent finish with water-resistant zippers, and the inner lining is made of microfiber cloth to keep lenses and other sensitive items scratch free. The main pocket is more spacious than it looks, and can fit a small DSLR and maybe another lens. There’s another compartment at the top that has less space, but it comes with dividers that make it easy to organize multiple Moment lenses, or cables to charge your phone. There’s yet another pocket on the back.

The Fanny Sling Pack looks stylish, and comes in Terracotta Canvas (our favorite), Monochrome Black, and Weatherproof Black, and they all cost $70.

Crossbody Wallet

The Crossbody Wallet is essentially a clutch, and it comes in Horween leather, canvas, or ripstop nylon. It’s just 0.2 pounds, so it won’t add much weight to the essentials you’re using it to carry. It can fit a phone, maybe two if you use more than one, along with a handful of other small items.

The inner pockets are also lined with microfiber. You can use it with a rope strap to sling it over a shoulder or across your body, but a wrist strap is also available.

The Weatherproof Black and Terracotta Canvas Crossbody Wallets cost $55, but the Horween Black Leather and Natural Leather options will set you back $75.

Wallet cases

To use Moment lenses on your smartphone camera, you need a Moment case. The company is now offering wallet cases for added versatility. The wallet pocket is made from Horween leather, and can store one to three cards. There’s a cutout at the bottom you can use to push the cards up to grab one when you need it.

Otherwise, the case hasn’t changed much. It’s still the same rubberized, thick offering meant to protect from accidental drops, and the inner lining is “covered in Japanese microsuede” for extra protection. You can also add a wrist strap to the bottom edge of the case.

These cases work with Moment’s M-series lens mount, so O-series lenses won’t work. At the moment, it’s only available for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, as well as the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. The cases are priced at $50.

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