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Photographers always want to get the shot, but this is ridiculous

Plane grazes tourist's hand as he tries to capture the perfect shot
Photographers, from top professionals to keen amateurs, always want to get the shot. That’s all well and good, but where it gets ridiculous is when the shooter puts their life, or the lives of others, in mortal danger.

Take this guy in the Caribbean. He’s at St. Bart’s Gustaff III airport, famous for its notoriously tricky landing thanks to the  steep drop pilots have to make immediately after negotiating not only the hilltop road, but also crazy people with cameras.

Looking to get a dramatic shot, the guy in the video stands directly in the path of the incoming aircraft. Apparently flying in a little lower than usual – it only just clears the road – the plane almost takes out the photographer, who made the wise decision of crouching just as it passed overhead.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that he’d just missed having his head taken clean off by one of the plane’s wheels, the foolhardy photographer turns on his heels and continues snapping away as the aircraft makes its steep descent toward the runway.

A bystander who almost witnessed the unfortunate coming together of man and plane told Mail Online that after the aircraft landed, the photographer was heard saying, “It hit my hand, it hit my hand.”

It was certainly a remarkable escape for the reckless snapper, who presumably stood a little to one side for the next plane that came in.

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