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Picky is an AI-powered app that chooses and edits your best photos

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If you struggle to figure out what photos of yours are the best to share across social media, don’t fret. Picky is here to save you the struggles of self-critiquing your smartphone photography.

Created by Polarr, Picky is a smartphone app that uses an “intelligent, AI-powered photo curator” to browse through the photos on your phone’s camera roll and pick out the best. Not only does Picky choose the best of the best from your photo collection, it also edits your images to give them what it feels is the perfect aesthetic.

Specifically, Polarr says Picky can adjust everything from color and light adjustments to little changes in skin correction and toning. If multiple images are chosen, Picky will automatically create custom collages to share across social media.


To train Picky on how to choose the best images and edit them just right, Polarr took data taken from millions of photos and trained a machine learning program that’s used as the backbone of Picky’s technology.

If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t be. Picky works offline and never uploads photos to a server without your explicit permission.

From a brief hands-on with the app, Picky appears to choose photos wisely, but an odd screenshot does pop up here and there. Considering it’s a machine learning algorithm, hopefully Picky becomes more intelligent as time goes on.

You can download Picky for free from the iOS App Store and find out more information on Polarr’s website.

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