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Color grading pushes Pinnacle Studio 22 toward more pro video editing features

Corel’s Pinnacle Studio video editor sits in the gap between consumer editing software and the professional options — and Corel just nudged the software even more towards that pro end. This week, Corel announced Pinnacle Studio 22, an update that brings advanced features like color grading and three and four point editing.

Corel says that Pinnacle is designed for the users that want more than a basic video editor but without the complexities or expense of a pro-grade platform. The company is aiming to keep the simple interface while adding more high-end features in the latest version with features typically found in those pro-grade options.

Color grading opens up a suite of new editing tools to fine-tune the video’s color. The HSL tools (hue, saturation, luminance) allow for control over each color channel to make specific colors pop, to shift a specific color to alter a mood, or to simply correct colors that didn’t record accurately. The new color tools also allow for color grading to match different clips. The colors tools also include color wheels, LUTs, waveform scope and others.

The addition of three- and four-point editing helps editors mix clips more precisely. The process allows users to place flags at the exact point of the transitions when adding a clip at the end or in the middle of the existing timeline.

A new MultiCam Capture Lite option allows the software to capture a screen share while simultaneously filming from the webcam, a process popular with creating software tutorials. The option syncs the different sources, including audio.

Additional updates expand previously added features. Splitscreen options, for example, now have keyframes that allow editors more control when working with multiple clips on the screen at once, including enhanced options for transitions and movement. In a demonstration, the new split-frame keyframe tools were used to create a magnifying glass effect over the original video. The previously added 360 video support now includes the tiny planet and rabbit hole views to create a spherical panorama or reversed spherical panorama.

The update also includes updates to Pinnacle MyDVD and new effects from NewBlueFX. The update also integrates the new features from the 21.5 mid-version update, which included selective color and transition effects that use two similar objects or colors in the clips to create less jarring transitions.

“With the latest version, we’re pushing this even further with a pro-inspired feature set that’s ideal for the video editing enthusiast who wants to do more,” Michel Yavercovski, senior director for product management for Pinnacle, said in a press release. “With new capabilities like Color Grading, Three- and Four-Point Editing, and dynamic Split Screen with Keyframes, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is the ideal choice for anyone striving to create projects that replicate the polish and creativity of professional productions.”

The software is available in three options with varying tiers of features, starting at $60. Pinnacle Studio 22 Plus retails for about $100 and the Ultimate for $130.

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