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Podo, the selfie-slaying, stick-it-anywhere camera, has new features, lower price

The camera that wants to stick it to the selfie stick is back — and this time with more features at a lower price.

Podo is a camera that can be stuck to any surface, so there’s no need for a selfie stick (or to be “old fashioned,” a tripod) to get in the shot. Now, Podo Labs is back on Kickstarter with an updated version and the firm has already exceeded its initial funding goal.

The latest version of the stick-it-anywhere camera uses a new lens with a wider angle. The company also says the camera sensor was upgraded — but not in the typical way. The megapixels are larger, which helps the camera gather more light. The trade-off is that there are only five megapixels (the first version had eight), though the manufacturer says that’s still enough resolution to bring an 11 by 14. Podo Labs says the pixels are 50 percent larger than those in the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7.

Podo Labs
Podo Labs

The upgrade also includes several new capture modes. The Multi mode allows users to sync up to six Podos together and trigger them all at the same time, swapping between each camera’s preview in the app.

The camera is now also gesture sensitive, so users don’t need their smartphones or the timer mode to trigger a selfie. Podo labs doesn’t specify what sort of gestures can be used to trigger a shot, though. The Booth mode is also new, designed for using the stickable camera like a photo booth.

The camera also doubles the built-in memory, though the specs say the battery life is cut by a half hour for video recording — now offering up to 90 minutes.

The Podo sequel keeps the same sticky back that allows the camera to be added to multiple surfaces — the micro adhesive is reusable and even washable. The camera keeps the Bluetooth connectivity to set up shots with a smartphone, including auto triggers for time lapses.

Despite the enhancements, the upgrade is expected to retail for $79, $20 less than the initial retail price, and early Kickstarter backers can pick it up for as little as $39 with delivery by Christmas.

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