Selfie stick fail: Selfie-shooting driver gets canoe through windshield

Out with some buddies hunting alligators in Florida recently, Alex Lopatnyuk thought it’d be really cool to get some footage of his two-car convoy speeding along some mud tracks during their drive.

Using a GoPro on a selfie stick, Alex stuck it out of the window of his Jeep and started filming. So far, so good.

But on checking the position of the GoPro – or did he simply want to flash a smile for the camera? – Alex momentarily, and somewhat foolishly, took his eyes off the road.

Unfortunately for Alex, at that precise moment his buddy in front hit the brakes. He only noticed when it was too late, causing the canoe tied to back of the vehicle to smash through the windshield of his Jeep.

If it’d been a cartoon, Alex might’ve emerged from his vehicle with a canoe shaped neck and the front of the boat sticking out of his mouth. Fortunately, however, he was uninjured, though as you can see in the video footage, the windshield needed some work.

“Gator Hunting with a GoPro for the first time, the selfie FAILED,” Alex wrote in the video’s description on YouTube.

In a Facebook post he added that the incident should be seen as a public service announcement about “why you shouldn’t text and drive or try to take a selfie and drive.”

Seems like Alex learned his lesson.

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