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Selfskie: Mount your smartphone or GoPro to any stick for all the action shots

When it comes to mounting smartphones and action cameras, one of the most versatile options available is the Job GorillaPod — or any of its knockoff competitors. There are small options, large options, magnetic options and more mounting accessories than you could shake a stick at.

But speaking of sticks, there seems to be a missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to mounting cameras to small, cylindrical objects such as a golf club, fishing pole, or even an umbrella. Enter Selfskie, a mounting system designed to secure your smartphone or GoPro to any stick.


Currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, Selfie is a universal smartphone and GoPro mount that effectively transforms any stick-shaped object into a selfie stick or camera stand — even a literal stick.

The device bears a striking resemblance to a number of dashboard smartphone mounts on the market. But, instead of sticking to your car’s air vents or dashboard, the Selfskie features a unique locking mechanism that will securely hold a smartphone or GoPro in place on a cylindrical object, even those too small or fragile for the impressive amount of GoPro handlebar mounts out there.

In addition to the lightweight mounting system, the Selfskie comes with a Bluetooth remote for triggering the shutter of your smartphone wirelessly.

For the time being, the Selfskie comes in two different color options, Lime White and Lime Night. If various stretch goals are reached via the Kickstarter campaign, pinkish and teal color options in light and dark varieties will become available as well.

The team behind the Selfskie expects production to begin in October and plans on shipping out the first batch of Selfskies in November, just in time for the holiday season.

Already, the campaign has surpassed its $11,000 goal with 22 days remaining. At the rate it is currently going, all of the stretch goals will be reached, meaning all of the color options will become available.

At the time of publishing, there are still a large amount of early bird specials available, which will get you a Selfskie and Bluetooth remote for $20. Once those are gone, the next level of pledge will set you back $22 and will ship in December.

For more information and to secure your pledge, head to the Selfskie Kickstarter campaign.

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